Monday, October 24, 2011

Button Back Detail

We love to add these extra details to a slipcover. Everything from the button back placket, contrasting welt, to the scalloped edge on the short skirt. It truly makes a piece look custom.
The customer brought us a linen look fabric that worked well for the body of the slipcover. A scalloped edge at the bottom of the skirt is a detail we have done a few times before but we always love the finished product. Chocolate brown fabric was used for welt cord on the entire piece and on the buttons down the back. Buttonholes for this piece are worked into a seam making the alignment tricky but a unique look.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Antique Chair Slipcovered

This chair belongs to Jo Althaus who owns Southside Antiques here in Chattanooga. (That's a glimpse of her shop you see in the background!) She owns 6 side chairs and 2 armchairs. They are wonderful Victorian chairs and she worked the needlepointed seats years ago.

Jo felt she needed to update her look and bring some soft goods into her dining room. When she decided to slipcover the two armchairs, she came to us. We've been working neighbors for years now...she and her business partner Connie have had the antique store on the Southside long before the Southside was cool! We had already slipcovered 1 or 2 wingchairs for her... back when we were located across the river on the Northshore of downtown Chattanooga.

As you see from the pictures, the slipcover really makes the beautiful curved arms jump out visually. Also, the short skirt allows the unique stretcher to her the best of both worlds - adding some softness and a great fabric to her room while allowing the beauty of a fine antique to show.

PS: The fabric is a heavy linen/cotton and is printed in a French sacking design. It was purchased in Chattanooga at Associated Fabrics.

Monday, April 25, 2011

View of Chattanooga

I'm posting this picture to show one of the great perks that come with our working day. This is the view we had while working on some chairs in a downtown location. It was greater than a 180 degree view of downtown and the nearby mountains. Wow. Chattanooga is a beautiful city in which to live and work. There are many outdoor activities available as well as art and cultural events...all with this natural gorgeousness right in front of you!

Custom Linen Coverlet

This is a detail picture of a coverlet we have recently completed for a talented designer that works in Chattanooga and the Atlanta area. She chose a pale, dusty pink linen in a washed finish for the main side and an amazing hand blocked print for the back. On the solid side we quilted the 3 layers (there is a flannel interlining) together with these great looking bullion knots. There are 81 of them! ...and yes, my fingers are sore. But I LOVE the look.

I really do believe that the details make all the difference.

Plaid Slipcover

It's always a trick to put plaid on furniture! See how Lori has lined up and placed the plaid on this chair so carefully? It is really lively and fun because of the great colors too. This is for a customer's vacation home and is sure to be a favorite reading spot.