Friday, September 24, 2010

Red Toile Slipcovers

We did a pair of these armed dining chairs recently. The customer had recovered the slipseats and wanted us to do just the backs and the arms. Notice that the ties are really fun and casual with the back vent/pleat softly falling open to reveal the pattern on the inside. The other chairs in the set are side chairs but these will serve as the captains chairs in a French County style home.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Green Silk Drapes

These drapes are still hanging on our "drapery horse" in the West studio. I will be taking them to the decorator on Lookout Mountain (just West of Downtown Chattanooga) and we will gently lay them across her spare beds like formal dresses awaiting prom night! They are incredibly full and lush. This picture doesn't quite capture the true color depth of the green's really brilliant.
They will be installed in a dining room in Columbus, Georgia next week and hopefully I will receive pictures to post here soon. I was in Columbus to do the original measure, but won't be going back for the installation....Boo Hoo! Hopefully, I will be able to go sometime soon and see them hanging.

These are interlined in heavy English Bump cloth. It is a fat blanket-type of interlining fit for castle drapes! It gives the pleats a plump, fat look as well as gives ooomph to the hems as they break gently on the floor.

I've featured the work of this decorator before on my blog...she's just amazing. It's Carol Brown of Carol Brown Interiors. She has done many Southern homes, is available in the Chattanooga region, and often travels to other areas as required. Always a delight to work with, Carol is tops in our books... we especially love her passion for slipcovers!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Slipcover for a lampshade!

This is a slipcover for a lampshade! We created it out of a fairly heavy, washed bull denim. When it gets dusty or dirty, the homeowner can just put it in the washing machine. In the mean time it adds a bit of softness to the room. This fun lady is totally in LOVE with French Country decor and has been working with us to give her living room that soft, beautiful, livable look she is going for. We had already slipcovered 2 chairs in this same fabric.
We are currently working on toile chair back covers for the captain's chairs in her dining room. I will post a picture of that when we get them done. She had seen something similar in the set design of the movie, "Something's Gotta Give" and wanted that for her own dining room.
If you see something in a magazine or even in a movie....chances are that The Brick Path Studio can create it!