Monday, April 19, 2010

Slipcovers with More Knife Pleats

This is a different take on knife pleats! It is really more of a edge trim instead of a skirt. This slipcover is done in a cream colored brushed denim. We LOVED the little tab and button detail on the back kick pleat. --what fun! It's a great way to add interest when a chair is floating out in the center of the room and will be seen from the back.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slipcover with flirty knife-pleated skirt!

Here's a slipcover for a French armchair that's hot off the press! The customer hasn't even seen it as it was just finished by Lori late on Friday. It is done in a pre-washed white twill fabric and will function perfectly for the homeowner - after her much loved cats lounge around on it for a while. This customer knew exactly what she wanted and even brought in a picture from a magazine to show us the look she was going for.
The arm covers fasten on with hook & loop closures, but anything goes. We could have used buttons, ties, tabs, name it. Anything you would find on a dress, a pair of pants or even a great designer handbag can be incorporated into a slipcover. Sometimes we think we've done it all, but then someone will bring in a great magazine picture with an odd, yet fabulous idea that we've never dreamed of. Or we will get new inspiration while browsing a vintage magazine or looking through an old apparel design book. Ideas are hidden EVERYWHERE! It's an exciting adventure to ferret them out.