Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buy it Downtown shopping card program

We are happy to accept the "Buy it Downtown" Card for goods and services!

Buy it* Downtown, the downtown Chattanooga gift and shopping card program, is a network of stores, restaurants and other locations... it is the largest electronically connected network of its kind of locally owned storefront locations in the our area -- possibly the largest in the state of Tennessee. Buy it* Downtown says that of the places where its gift card can be used today, currently most have local ownership.

A quote from the www.buyitdowntown.com website: "A total of 60+ participating locations and approximately 95% of its merchants are not only locally owned but also “Chattanooga enterprises” or locally created businesses. “Our rapid growth has helped us establish a high quality network of popular locations that everyone likes and makes the Buy it* Downtown card a great way to support downtown and also to keep your dollars local,” says Amy Walker Cherry, founder of Buy it* Downtown. “While our primary mission is to support downtown Chattanooga businesses, we are especially pleased that our Buy it* Downtown cards support so many locally owned businesses, since studies show these businesses contribute a higher ratio of their earnings directly back into the local economy. It just so happens that some of the coolest places in Chattanooga today are also locally owned.” Paul Brock, president of RiverCity Company,a partner with the public-private gift card program says, “In Chattanooga, our downtown has an unusually high number of distinct, locally owned establishments—which is one of the reasons why our downtown is so special and unique.” "

Please go to the website and see the list of businesses that participate in this program. You can see how this program truly benefits the local economy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

London Shade for Log Cabin

This shade is in a guest room in a home on nearby Lookout Mountain. The bedroom is in the original "log house" section that was built in the 1800's. The fabric is a looser weave that lets in plenty of light (whether it is up or down), and allows the guest to lower it for privacy. The natural fiber coupled with the casual weave was a perfect choice for the rustic, yet somewhat elegant home. The designer is the very talented (and client pleasing) Susan Lesourd. Stop by to pick up one of Susan's cards and give her a call. She works on small and large projects alike and can decorate a whole house or just help you choose a sofa.
We always tell Susan that her most amazing talent is in choosing the "main" fabric for a room and that she has an incredible eye for pattern and scale. Her completed interiors always seem to reflect her clients' personalites to the inth degree!