Monday, May 28, 2007

Flying away on a wing...chair

Well, we thought the Spring rush would be peaking by now, but its not the case. We've had a "flock" of wingback chairs decend upon us and they all need slipcovers!

We've had up to 3 wingback chairs at a time, but never 5...and there's one more on the way! These are from a historic Greek Revival home and they need to remain in their original condition - so reupholstering is out of the question. In fact, that is one of my favorite uses of slipcovers; when you need or want to perserve the original upholstery yet change the look for current use. At present, these "elderly gentleman" are sporting an interesting array of old fabrics on them and when you poke around on the upholstery, you can hear the crunch of horsehair and straw.

To start this project we will be using purchased mattlesse coverlets as slipcover fabric and the scalloped edging will be employed as skirt hems. This customer is very inventive and has decided to use a second richly-colored fabric for an underskirt that will peek out about 6 inches. She's great fun to work with and really has a fresh eye.

This run on wingback chairs reminds me of the run we had recently on Chippendale sofas! We turned about 5 dusty & stuffy old sofas into soft, friendly and beautifully inviting showpieces. I see amazing before & after comparison photos coming up! Check back in a couple of weeks and I'll have some pictures of our "wing-men" wearing their new suits!