Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old Fashioned Casserole Covers

This casserole cover is patterned after an original I purchased at Ketner's Mill craft show in Powell's Cross Roads, Tennessee more than 30 years ago! I have loved it over the years and wanted to create a few to sell in the studio, at The Brick Path Mercantile, and on our Etsy site. Lori faithfully duplicated the design and created several in our high-saturation colored twills. You have to see these things to really appreciate the amount of careful and meticulous sewing/assembly that is involved in each one of these gems! No cheap, assembly-line look here! Your grandkids will be using them years from now!
Here is a picture of one with a small casserole dish inside and one laying flat. You can use a variety of dishes with them as you can gather it to suit the shape and size. Notice how the handles kinda "pop" when it's ready to go. Your favoite recipe will arrive piping hot or deliciously chilled to the next covered dish event. Basics like these never go out of style....and of course quality isn't a fad either.
We are selling these for $30 and will be offering them for a limited time (we're not sure HOW long... we're playing it by ear!) They can be charged by phone and mailed if you like.

PS: They're washable 100% cotton and available in a variety of colors!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Pillows for Spring Shopping!

We're excited to have available a new pillow style at our Brick Path Mercantile! We call it the Bette-Bo (long "E" and long "O") & it has an oversized fabric bow on the face. They are over-the-top and make a show stopping statement on a bed or a special chair. Several colors are's a couple!