Sunday, January 25, 2009

Its in the Details!

Sometimes we actually do upholstery! The reason we don't do upholstery on a regular basis is that it can really be hard on one's hands. But we LOVE to do pieces like these. It is really all about the details ...and pieces like these twin French benches/stools. The material is an insanely beautiful (and expensive) petit point fabric in a orange tone and black animal design. With the guidance of the owner/designer, we carefully placed the design and then added the perfect antiqued brass nails. A job like this takes more finesse than muscle, so it is right down our alley....very different from "the den sofa" type of upholstery. Other pieces we do include French chairs..those are great with nailhead trim or double welt. Lori has designed a method of creating a very fine and beautiful double welt cording. It needs to have a fairly lightweight, non-bulky fabric. So, sometimes we use a different fabric for this trim from the main fabric on the chair. Lori also is amazing at applying this welt to the chair....she just has a perfect eye and hand for such detail.

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